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The World’s Most Advanced, Easy To Use

Smart Home System

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From Installation To Running, All Done In Under An Hour

Every Devicecan be automated

Limitless automation 

options to choose from

"Neurotech's smart home system has seamlessly connected all my rooms in one app. The level of control and convenience it provides even when im Away has truly revolutionized my in home experience. It's a game-changer Technology, and I highly recommend is"

Say No To Mulitple Apps For Multiple Devices

We Automate all Home Devices For Seamless Control Via One App, Enhancing Every Room's Experience.

Every DeviceCan Be Automated

Great Looking Controls For All Devices, No Matter the Type of Device. You Will Get Ease Control.

Beautiful ControlsFor Every Device

Control Your HouseWith Precision

Smart lights let you control brightness and color for convenience and energy savings, all with a phone app or voice commands.

Alexa, Turn on the lights

Sure !

Alexa Integrated Voice Control Technology, to Control Your Room Without Moving an Inch

Control Your HomeWith Just Your Voice

Control your smart home from anywhere for ultimate convenience.

In-Home Flexible Control:Empowering You WithRemote Precision

Your Entire SmartHome In One Place

Be it Your Living Room or Bedroom or Kids Room all in One Single App 

Beautiful Controlsfor any device

Great looking controls for all devices, no matter the type of device. You will get ease control

Smart Home Can WelcomeYou By AutomaticallyLighting Up As You Approach

Smart Panel Adapts ToAny Environment Easily

Powerful Wall Console ThatReplaces Conventional Switches

You can experience your room enviornment as you want. You can create different scenarios according to your routine.

Control your home devicesglobally with Ease

Set Schedule, Plan Your Home
Arrival From AnyWhere & Enjoy

Take Control Of YourHome

Get Your Room Ambience On Your Mobile

Our in-home sensors are the most advanced way to monitor your living space. Keep track of humidity, temperature, pressure and air quality with our personalized notifications And take proactive measures, so you can breathe easier and live better.

We Automate All Your Home Devices

Every Device Can be Automated

Limitless Automation Option to choose from

Smart Plugs To MakeSmart Appliances