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The World’s Most Advanced, Easy To Use

Smart Home System

“Everything Local, No Internet, No Subscription”

Ultra Fast Response

Be It Your Living Room Or Bedroom Or Kids Room All In One Single App 

This new feature allows for unified device control, eliminating the need for multiple apps or device controls. Users can now control all devices in all rooms from one single app.

Your Entire Smart Home In One Place

Control your home devices globally with ease

Set Schedules, Plan Your Home Arrival From AnyWhere & Enjoy 

Doesn’t matter if you’re on a vacation or on

your way to home, you can take actions with ease.

Take Control Of Your Home Environment

Get Your Room Ambiance On Your Mobile

Our in-home sensors are the most advanced way to monitor your living space. Keep track of humidity, temperature, pressure and air quality with our personalized notifications And take proactive measures, so you can breathe easier and live better.

We Automate All Your Home Devices

We automate everything to create a unified experience

Unified Device Controls No Multiple Apps For Controlling Different Devices, All Rooms, Places - All Home Appliances In One Single Application

Hrishikesh Chikane

One of the standout features for me is the ability to set up different scenarios based on my preferences and daily routines. Whether it's adjusting the lighting to create a cozy atmosphere for a movie night or automating the thermostat to ensure the perfect temperature when I arrive home, the possibilities seem endless. The ease with which I can orchestrate these scenarios through a simple app on my smartphone adds an extra layer of comfort and control.

1 year ago

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Your Room -Your Mood

Set Different Room Scenario

To Uplift Your Mood

Transform your Room into your own personal paradise with our Scene Creator. This Feature allows you to set various room scenes to match your mood. Whether you want to wind down after a long day or create the perfect ambiance for a Movie Date,  Upgrade your lifestyle today!

Simplify your smart home experience with 'All Devices in One App.' Streamline control by managing lights, Fan, AC, Heaters, and Everything from a single, user-friendly interface. Enjoy the ease of having every aspect of your connected home at your fingertips for a seamlessly integrated living space

Access Every Device In The

App With Great Interface

All Your Device Under One Place

Adjust Your Light Intensity According To Your Need

Set the perfect ambiance with our smart home dimming lights. Effortlessly adjust brightness levels, create personalized lighting scenes, and save energy—all at the touch of a button or a simple voice command. Illuminate your space with unparalleled comfort and control in every room.

Powerful Wall Console That Replaces Conventional Switches

You can experience your room enviornment as you want. You can create different scenarios according to your routine.

A Room Gateway Is Our Smart Home Device That Is Mounted On Ceiling Which Serves As A Central Hub For Controlling And Managing Different Aspects Of Your Room, It Collects Information About The Room's Temperature, Humidity, Light Intensity, & Other Environmental Factors*, And Provides The User With Insights Via Android Application Which Then Gives You Control Over These Elements To Further Enhances Your Experience. The Room Gateway Also Connects To All The Devices In The Room Like Lights, Fan, Security Systems, Etc To Provide A Comprehensive Smart Home Experience. The Device Is Also Responsible For Scene Control, Scheduling, Motion Based Lighting Control, Making It A Powerful Tool For Managing The Various Aspects Of A Room's Environment.

Room Assistant - Device Responsible For All Actions



Lux Intensity

Motion Sense

Gain ultimate flexibility and convenience with remote control in smart home automation. Effortlessly manage your devices and settings from anywhere, putting complete control in the palm of your hand

In-Home Flexible Control :  Empowering You With Remote Precision

Get Your Android And IOS Application

From Play Store And App Store

Android And IOS

Smart Plugs To Make Smart Appliances

Automate Every Plug and Play Appliance With Smart Plugs

Transform your regular appliances into smart devices with our cutting-edge smart plug. Seamlessly control lights, electronics, and more from your phone, and schedule tasks for enhanced energy efficiency. Experience the future of convenience and automation in every socket of your smart home.

Nanded, India

Looking for a Web Developer who adept at creating and maintaining websites, proficient in programming languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and capable of designing responsive layouts and interactive features to deliver engaging user experiences across various devices. The role involves collaborating with teams to ensure seamless functionality and visually appealing interfaces. Knowledge in WIX would be a plus point.

Web Developer

Nanded, India

Required an Android developer who crafts and maintains mobile applications for the Android platform, utilizing Java or Kotlin programming languages to create user-friendly interfaces and seamless functionality. Who collaborate with cross-functional teams to ensure optimal app performance and user experience

Android developer


Required an embedded developer who will be responsible for designing and coding software that operates within specialized hardware systems, ensuring efficient and reliable functionality in applications ranging from IoT devices to automotive control systems. Their expertise lies in optimizing performance, managing memory, and interfacing hardware with software.

Embedded Developer

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Your Home Welcome You When You Arrive

Your Home Can Lighten Up When You Are About To Arrive

With our Geo Fencing feature, not only does your home warmly welcome you back, but your favorite tunes also come to life. As you approach, lights glow, AC Temperature is Set and your selected playlist begins to play. It's not just coming home; it's stepping into your personalized sanctuary, where every detail is orchestrated just for you. Welcome to a home that listens and responds – welcome to a symphony of comfort and style."

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