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Smart Home

Wall Console

No more switch board planning!

Just Focus on Aesthetics

Seamless Design

Old Fashioned Switch Board To Be Replaced By New-Age Panel

Upgrade your home's electrical system with our advanced smart home panel, designed to replace outdated switch panels. Say goodbye to conventional switches and embrace the future of home automation. Our smart home panel offers seamless integration with your existing wiring and enables centralized control of all your connected devices.

Smart Home

Wall Panel

Our Switch Panel Is Designed To Blend In Seamlessly With Any Color Or Room Style. It Has The Unique Feature Of Changing Its Internal Led Color To Match The Furniture Or Wall Color, Making It An Aesthetically Pleasing Addition To Any Space. This Way, You Won't Have To Worry About Ruining Your Interior With A Switch Panel That Doesn't Suit Your Style.

Keep It Anywhere

You Want

Place Your Panel Anywhere On Wall, On Table Or Any Accessible Place. Our Panel Comes With Mobility So That You Can Keep It Anywhere You Want. It Comes With C Type Charging Point And You Can Also Install It On The Wall With Direct Connection.

Smart Home

Touch Panel

Our Switch Panel Also Comes With Touch Screen Model Which Makes The Design Of Panel Very Stylish. 


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