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Smart Cube

Turn Up The Intelligence, Cool Down The Room, Make Any AC Smart !!

Save Up To 40% On Energy Bills

Sleep Better With Automated Temperature Control

What is Smart Cube?

A Smart Controller To Make Any AC Smart

Experience the future of Smart and Efficient Cooling With the Revolutionary Smart Cube, a Transformative Smart Controller That Automates Functions, Enhances Convenience, and Ensures Energy-Efficient Operations, Providing Optimal Room Temperature for a Better Sleep Experience and Substantial Savings of Up to 40%*

Smart Modes For Energy Saving

Super Saver

Maintains AC 6°C Apart & Saves Up To 30%* On Energy Cost


Maintains AC 3°C Apart & Saves Up To 20%* On Energy Cost


Maintains AC 1°C Apart & Saves Up To 10% On Energy Cost

Benefits of Smart Cube

Saving energy make life better cooler and brighter

Save EnergyUp

To 40%

Improved Sleep

Works On All Major AC Brands

Increased Work


Smart Weather

Based Suggestion

Stay comfy with

Smart Cube

  • Introducing the Schedule Feature: The Smart Cube by Neurotech Design introduces the Schedule Feature, empowering Users to Create Personalized Temperature Schedules for Their Air Conditioning Units

  • Smart Cube Schedules: Personalize your A/C temperature schedule

  • Save Energy & Money: Schedule adjusts A/C use to your routine, reducing costs

  • Automated Comfort: Smart Cube adjusts A/C for you, keeping you comfortable without wasting energy

Smart Scheduling

Automated Comfort

  • Personalize your A/C schedule: This combines the introduction of the Schedule Feature with the ability to customize temperature levels.

  • Schedule for savings: This focuses on the energy optimization and potential cost savings aspect.

  • Automated comfort, on your schedule: This emphasizes both the automated adjustments and user-defined schedule for comfort.

  • Set it and forget it: This is a concise way to convey the elimination of manual adjustments.

  • Smart Climate for Sleep: Enjoy perfect sleep with Smart Cube controlling your AC.

  • AI Sleep Optimization: Advanced sensors and AI adjust temperature for your ideal sleep cycle.

  • Peaceful Slumber: Schedule your temperature and drift off to sleep in silence

Controls Your AC While YouHave The

Sweetest Dreams

"Alexa" Turn ON Super Saver Mode

"Alexa" Set The Temperature 21°C

Drift off to perfect sleep with Smart Cube's AI adjusting your AC for optimal temperature throughout the night. Voice control and schedule creation make it a breeze, transforming your AC into a silent, sleep-optimizing wellness companion.

“Hey Alexa, Can You Turn On The AC In My Room?”
“Hey Alexa, Switch From Normal Mode To Supersaver Mode For AC.”

For Example :

Welcome Your Family's

Wellness Companion

Benefits of

Good Night Sleep

  • Stronger Heart & Blood Flow

  • Boosts Immunity

  • Manages Weight

  • Lifts Mood

  • Sharpens Mind & Memory

  • Reduces Stress & Blood Pressure

  • Lives Longer

  • Boosts Creativity & Energy

  • Builds Confidence & Skills

Smart CubeAC Controller

Transform your smartphone into a powerful AC remote with our intuitive app.

Ditch the remote! Control your AC from anywhere with our app. Adjust temperature, fan, and mode with a tap. Schedule cooling and use smart features for comfort and savings. Live smarter, cool smarter!

Smart CubeWellness Section

Elevate your well-being with our comprehensive wellness section, designed to nurture your mind, body, and soul.

Discover a Sanctuary Within Your Device With Our Wellness Section, Meticulously Crafted to Nurture Holistic Well-Being. From Guided Meditations and Yoga Sessions to Nutrition Tips and Stress-Relief Techniques, Embark on a Journey of Self-Care and Rejuvenation, Anytime, Anywhere.

Feeling stressed? Meditation can be your pocket oasis! Find daily guided meditations for stress relief, focus, mood, and sleep. Explore personalized practices and supportive communities. Breathe easy, invest in your well-being, one mindful moment at a time.

Breathe Easy, Live Happy:

Meditation & Breathing Modes

Within the Smart Cube App

  • The Neurotech Design Smart Cube is a smart air conditioner controller, designed to control and automate the functions of your air conditioning unit through smart technology.

  • The Smart Cube connects to your existing air conditioner, allowing you to control it remotely through your smartphone. It supports various control methods, including remote, app, and voice commands.

  • Yes, the Smart Cube enables remote control through your smartphone, providing the flexibility to adjust temperature settings and manage your air conditioner from anywhere.

  • Yes. The Smart Cube is compatible with Amazon Alexa, Google Home and Apple Siri. You can control your AC with voice commands.

  • The Smart Cube works with many different AC brands. As long as your AC unit uses a remote control, the Smart Cube should be compatible with your unit.

    Fijutsu   |    Carrier     |       FRIEDRICH      |     Hisense   |     CREE     |      Panasonic     |       TOSHIBA

    HITACHI     |       DAIKIN         |      Midea      |        LG      |     Haier     |    SAMSUNG       |     DCL   

  • Key benefits include personalized temperature scheduling, voice control compatibility with popular voice assistants, insights into energy efficiency, advanced technology for adaptive temperature adjustments, and seamless integration into a larger smart home ecosystem.

  • No, the installation process is effortless, and professional assistance is not required. Simply connect the Smart Cube to your AC unit, configure settings through the user-friendly mobile app, and enjoy enhanced control.

Frequently Asked Smart Home Questions

Real People, Real Results:

I used to be a chronic overthinker, but Smart Cube guided meditations have helped me quiet the noise and focus on what truly matters.  myself


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As a busy mom of two, finding time for myself felt impossible. But the short, daily meditations on Smart Cube fit perfectly into my routine. 


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 I fall asleep faster, sleep deeper, and wake up feeling refreshed and ready to conquer the day


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