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Required an embedded developer who will be responsible for designing and coding software that operates within specialized hardware systems, ensuring efficient and reliable functionality in applications ranging from IoT devices to automotive control systems. Their expertise lies in optimizing performance, managing memory, and interfacing hardware with software.


Nanded, India



  • Design and develop embedded software solutions for various hardware platforms and devices.

  • Experience In Platform IO, Arduino Ide.

  • Collaborate with hardware engineers to interface software with physical components and sensors.

  • Optimize code and algorithms for memory usage, power consumption, and performance.

  • Minimum 1 Year Experience In Embedded Software Hardware Development.​

  • Sound Knowledge Of Embedded C, C++

  • Implement communication protocols (e.g., SPI, I2C, UART) for data exchange between components. 

  • Test and validate embedded systems, ensuring they meet functional and performance requirements.

  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams, including hardware engineers and software testers, to deliver complete embedded solutions.

  • ​Sound Knowledge Of AVR Microcontrollers And ESP 8266, ESP32.

What You’ll Do

Who You are

  • Prototype And Verify Systems For Various Embedded Applications. 

  • Develop And Maintain Firmware For Embedded Platforms.

  • Create And Manage Documentation For Active Projects. 

  • Test And Debug Embedded Software And Applications.

  • Develop Hardware And Embedded Software Specifications.

  • Interact With Team and Help With The Development Of Customized Embedded Solutions.

  • Provide Technical Assistance To Sales Team.

  • Develop Tools And Techniques For Testing And Verification.

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